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Importance for Parents to Accurately Identify Concussion in Children

Written by Dr. Marcus Wong   A recent research study was done by Dr. Craig J Coghlin, Dr. Bryan D Myles, and Dr. Scott D Howitt to assess the ability of parents/guardian identifying concussion symptoms in their children from sports injuries. The study was done with parents/guardians of Bantam-aged minor hockey league athletes volunteered fro […]

Groin Injury in Hockey

Written by Dr. Marcus Wong In the light of the 2014 Winter Olympics I think this is a good topic to discuss.  During the past hockey seasons, many injured patients has injured their groin from playing hockey.  As many people who watches hockey realize that groin injury is a very common thing, and can affect […]

Chiropractic Thaws Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Many patients with shoulder pain are told have surgery, get steroid shots, or take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, these treatments do not always work to reliably reduce symptoms, particularly in patients with frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen shoulder syndrome is characterized by night pain and painful restriction of shoulder movement during rotation and […]

Knee Pain

Written by Dr. Marcus Wong The knee is a very complex structure of our body leading to a lot of pain after increase exercise or motions.  This is due to the fact that not every individual train their knees properly which can lead to problems even with everyday activities.  As we age our knees become […]