She now uses various types of therapies in treating various pathologies, including frozen shoulder, bursitis, fibromyalgia, strains, sprains, arthritis, compartment syndromes, bell’s palsy, nerve lesions and so forth. She does fascial work, muscle energy technique, Swedish, joint mobilizations, passive & active muscle stretching, as well as manual lymph drainage and cranio-sacral therapy.

Her passion lies in educating her clients about their bodies, so they can facilitate their own healing process and be more in tune with what their body is trying to tell them. She enjoys focusing on the underlying causes of postural imbalances and restoring the body to its true and normal functioning state.

Some of her preferred areas of focus are treating bell’s palsy, compartment syndrome, ITB contracture, low back pain, whiplash, diaphragm work, and postural imbalances. She is dedicated to improving the overall health and well being of her patients.

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