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Chiropractors in British Columbia are licensed and qualified to custom order and fit orthodic insoles for patients of all ages. Orthotics can help correct certain foot, knee, hip or low back pain along with chiropractic treatment. Many patients find that orthotics work best after the spine has been realigned, and the optimal structure of the body is used to make the orthotics. This will promote desirable alignment for the spine for long term benefits.

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True Health Studio is an authorized Footmaxx distributor.  Dr. Wong researched several kinds of orthotic systems to offer his patients, and decided on Footmaxx™.  He has been using Footmaxx  since the start of his chiropractic career.

At True Health Studio, we are equipped with Metascan™, a dynamic scanning system from Footmaxx™ that scans and creates your orthotics.  Unlike the older, conventional static molding of your feet, Metascan™ will take the walking motion of each step of your feet and recreate a durable orthotic insole.  This is more ideal as its a custom insole of your average steps.  These custom insoles are ideal for every day life/activities as they are made from your average steps. Orthotics can be made for many specific kinds of shoes such as ski/snowboarding boots, hockey skates, running shoes, dress shoes, etc.

The Metascan™ pressure mat scans the stance phase of gait at 150 images per second.  It compares walking and running scan data of the same patient, and the proprietary diagnostic software analyzes digital pressure mat, patient data and translates it into a prescription for orthotics.

The Metascan™ also measures these five key parameters:

Left and Right Heel Lift

Left and Right Forefoot Contact

Left and Right Maximum Forefoot Pressure

Where does maximum pressure appear?

Is the center of pressure line straight or curved?

An optional dynamic gait and pressure analysis report can be ordered as well.  The Footmaxx™ system provides a dynamic, weight-bearing biomechanical patient assessment and enables digital patient data to be transmitted via modem to the Footmaxx laboratory where it is analyzed by the proprietary diagnostic software, Metascan™.   Metascan™ generates a Dynamic Gait and Pressure Analysis Report containing 2D and 3D color images of the patient’s footstep, data on kinetic pressure patterns during the stance phase of gait, and a conclusion describing any biomechanical abnormality detected as compared to normal gait values.  If an aberrant biomechanical pattern is detected, Metascan™ also specifies the prescription for custom foot orthotics.

The eight key foot landmarks (lateral heel, medial heel, five metatarsal heads and the hallux) are accurately isolated and tracked throughout the stance phase of gait.   The gait and pressure analysis report is useful as a permanent chart record and can be submitted to insurance and managed care companies to facilitate pre-determination requirements.   Metascan™ now makes a scientific, accurate, biomechanical patient assessment affordable using the Footmaxx™ System in your office.

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*Orthotic insoles are usually covered under your extended health insurance.  In most cases the chiropractor can prescribe and/or order the orthotics directly, in some instances however, some insurances require a medical doctor prescription before the orthotics can be ordered by the chiropractor.  Please contact  your insurance provider for more information.