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“I’ve tried many chiropractors in the past and most have left me a bit skeptical on the whole practice.   Marcus is the only chiropractor I’ve met that I have trusted to genuinely have my well being in mind.   He takes his time and thoroughly explains whats going on with my joints and how the adjustments will help to correct the issue. He doesn’t rush me in and out of the office like I have had with a different doctor in the past. I have continued to see him for (unfortunately) new injuries as I am an avid hockey player and my current career keeps me quite active. I highly recommend checking out his new office! When I find a good practitioner in any means of wellness, I will be sure to refer and spread good word!”

– Min-Jee Mowat, Vancouver, BC

“I’ve been going to Marcus for almost 3 years now and I highly recommend him if you are looking for a professional and friendly chiropractor. He always provides a clear explanation on what to expect and makes me feel at ease. He also provides great advise as to what to expect the next few days and what to do to help ease any pain or soreness.

Marcus also introduced me to Petra after I had a car accident from RMT. Since I had never experienced any massages before I didn’t know what to expect. But Marcus and Petra made the experience very comfortable. She is professional and friendly. I also really like their heated massage tables.”

– Christine Wu, Richmond, BC

“I went in to see Dr. Marcus Wong because of sciatica problems, I could not even walk properly because of severe pain radiating from the lower back and down the front and back of the thigh. I walked in limping and walked out with no pain after just the first session. I saw him another two times and Marcus worked miracles on me. He is very personable, doesn’t rush and answers all questions completely…..plus he’s a really nice guy! I would highly recommend him, I am very happy with the treatment I received.”

– Johnny Kwok, Richmond, BC

“I was impressed with the treatments I received from both Dr Marcus and Natalie. They were professional and humorous at the same time. They have helped me recover from sports related injuries throughout the years; via their knowledge and expertise. More importantly they didn’t hesitate to teach me a few tips and tricks to help prevent injury and maintain my body.

– Jonathan Chan, Richmond, BC

“I’ve been receiving massages from Natalie Lawson at True Health Studio for over a year now and she’s an excellent RMT! I feel so refreshed after every visit. She’s knowledgable and patient to explain what causes my pain and how she is treating it. I think it’s great how she takes the time show you easy, at-home exercises at the end of every session, too. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a RMT in Vancouver. I also recently had the Chiropractor Dr. Marcus Wong create custom orthotics for me and they’re super comfortable. They came in in less than a week and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my walk since I started wearing them. I look forward to integrating more kinds of treatments from the clinic in the near future. (And as a side note, the clinic’s new location at Arbutus and 11th is awesome and convenient for transit-users like me coming from downtown!)”

– Natasha Eng, Burnaby, BC

“Had lower back issue for 2 years now and tried numerous Chiro / physio / acupuncture / RMT…nothing helped too much.  Got recommended to Marcus from my colleague and he is extremely knowledgeable. My back pain issue is definitely improving with the help of his partner Natalie RMT. Besides fixing you up, he will also patiently explain to you your root problem and issue. If you feel hopeless for the 1st 2 years like me, go see him….you’ll be amazed.”

– Norris Yu, Vancouver, BC

“I would highly recommend Dr. Marcus Wong to everyone! I had gone in to have my hand checked after my trip and fall accident a little while back. Not only did he help me treat the area, he also taught me ways to fully recover faster on my own as well. Dr. Wong also treated my neck and back, and taught me about preventive measures for work related injuries like bad posture. It’s nice when the doctor actually cares about their patients, and this is definitely the vibe I get from him. He’s awesome!”

– Winnie Yau, Richmond, BC

“Dr. Marcus Wong is awesome! He is knowledgeable and skillful treating my problematic area. After several visits from Dr. Wong, my back and neck feel a lot better. He also showed me exercises improve my posture in order to fix/maintain my optimal health!”

– Clement Cheng, Richmond, BC

“Marcus fixed my migraine issue that bothered me for more than 10 years. It definitely feels like rebirth! Thanks Marcus”

– Nick Kuei, Richmond, BC

“I was referred to Dr. Marcus Wong by a friend of mine and patient of his. Originally I came in to see him for a sports related knee injury – an MCL sprain. He has also helped me with sports related back and shoulder problems. Prior to meeting Marcus I did not know that Chiropractors could do more then simply work on one’s back but now I know they can. Marcus certainly helped me with both my back, knee and shoulder and I really appreciate the holistic “big picture’ approach that he takes – he taught me that everything in the body is inter-related.. I would definitely recommend Marcus to any of my family or friends.”

– Casey Cameron, Vancouver, BC 

“I have been to several chiropractors in the past but i stayed with Dr. Marcus Wong he is one of the best in the business. I came to him in 2011 with knee and lower back problems. After few sessions, all the pain were gone. Moreover, he is not a doctor that just fixes you and don’t care afterward. He taught me how to prevent injuries with different muscle strengthening exercises as well. i would strongly recommend him to all my friends”

– Ken Choi, Richmond, BC

” I received a couple of massages from RMT Natalie Lawson after a series of injuries to my neck and back, and then again for SI joint and hip pain. Natalie was brilliant. She was very approachable and had a very friendly demeanor. Natalie made me feel very comfortable, I felt that she really took the time to understand what was going on in my body and listened to what I had to say. I was confident in her abilities, as she was able to articulate information to me in a way that demonstrated her extensive knowledge of the human body– but in a way that that was accessible and easily understandable. Natalie’s treatment was very thorough, I felt that she had exceptional attention to detail and was very responsive to my needs. I left not only feeling immeasurably better physically, but also feeling encouraged that Natalie would be with me every step of the way through my treatment/recovery. She provided me with great home-care stretches and exercises as well, to supplement her treatment. I would highly recommend Natalie Lawson to anyone who is looking for a RMT!”

– Jordan McAlpine, Kelowna, BC

“I first went to Edmond Chen for an acute injury, and then we started working on a chronic condition I never thought about treating through acupuncture which is ezcema. I did not know how many conditions can be helped through acupuncture.  He made every treatment very comfortable and was always very gentle with the needles as he knew I am very sensitive. Not only has he made improvements to my condition, but he has been teaching me more about Chinese medicine and has taken the time to explain to me what he is doing and why. I can personally say that Edmond is one of the kindest and most thoughtful practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

– Jackie Lede, Vancouver, BC

“As a 54 year old personal trainer, I was starting to slow down from fatigue and my injuries. A few sessions with Acupuncturist Edmond Chen removed joint pain that I had carried with me for over 15 years. I have also started sleeping better, which is a big plus to working and enjoying life. Thank you, Edmond.”

– Doug, Vancouver, BC

“I’m so pleased with the positive results of Edmond’s acupuncture treatments. I went to see him for a specific health challenge and he addressed it and healed other challenging areas where I now sleep better and much deeper. The massage treatment on top of the acupuncture is an added bonus and I always come out of the appointment feeling calmer, at peace and rejuvenated. Edmond is a rare doctor who truly cares about the patient’s well being, addresses the root cause and provides a lasting healing impact.”

– Derek N., Vancouver, BC