New Research Shows the Dangers in Acetaminophen in Rx Drugs

Written by Dr. Marcus Wong


paracetamolOur Naturopathic Medicine practitioner, Dr. Melanie DesChatelets, came across this article and posted it on our Facebook page.  I took some time to read it, and thought I would share it with everyone here.

It highlights the warnings from the FDA in the USA, stating that prescription drugs should not contain more than 325mg of Acetaminophen.  Acetaminophen overdose has overtaken viral hepatitis infection as the most common cause of acute liver failure. It is now the second most common cause of liver failure requiring transplantation in the United States.

This only applies to prescription drugs, as over the counter drugs containing Acetaminophen is still acceptable.  FDA suggest the reason for only prescription drugs is that sometimes medical doctors or dentist prescribe both prescription and over counter drugs at the same time, and patients are not aware that both kinds of drugs contain Acetaminophen, hence resulting in overdose.

Many of us don’t rely on prescription drugs, but its good that finally FDA is looking out for common over dosage in everyday household pain medication.

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